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About Us

Just north of Schoolcraft on U.S. Highway 131, The Dome Sports Center is the only indoor sports dome within 125 miles!  We offer golfers a great environment to work on their skills anytime of year.  There’s no better place to fine tune or improve your game during the off-season.

In addition to offering golfers a year round place to golf, The Dome is a30616_112815428761285_5005886_n great place to hold baseball & softball tournaments as well as a place for travel & school teams to practice when the Midwest weather prohibits you from practicing outdoors.


In 1998 Year Round Golf, Inc. built the clubhouse and dome in an effort to serve golfers in Southwest Michigan all year round.  It quickly became clear that the dome was a great place for not only golf but sports tournaments as well.  In January of 2016 we purchased the property and began operating The Dome Sports Center.  Serving golfers has remained at the core of what The Dome offers along with a great venue for sporting events of all kinds.


What is The Dome Sports Center?

  • Campus for athletic training and development
  • Family friendly atmosphere, providing everything in one location from trainers to equipment

The facilities:

  • The 12-acre multi-sport campus
  • Indoor and outdoor golf driving ranges and athletic fields
  • The largest indoor field in SW Michigan
  • 40,000 sq ft Dome, with a height of nearly 70 feet

The partnerships:

  • A partnership philosophy to engage and maintain strong relationships with our customers
  • These partnerships include sports organizations, schools, instructors and other businesses
  • Serve the development and business needs of these organizations, athletes and their families

The result:

  • An electric resource center serving the needs of over 50,000 athletes of all ages and the people who support them
  • People feel welcomed, inspired and have what they need to be their very best
  • The Dome is not only the destination for athletic development in Southwest Michigan, its an athlete’s home away from home!