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Sharon King – LPGA Golf Professional

As a LPGA Class A Golf Instructor, golf is my greatest passion. I have been involved with golf for 30+ years playing and teaching the game. I have worked with some of golf’s greatest swing coaches and sports psychologist. I now teach those who want to grow their game to the next level. I played collegiate and professional golf, won at each level and coached Division 1 golf. I bring a great deal of knowledge, experience and passion to each student I teach. I working with all skill levels from little linkers to beginners of all ages. I excel at helping those who aspire to play college golf or simply just want to improve their game.  

I use a variety of technologies in my teaching such as BodiTrak for tracking foot pressure during the swing and Trackman which shows many parameters of the golf swing.  From swing path to club head speed, it captures the ball from take off to landing.  If you want to increase club head speed to angle of attack, Trackman can track and provide instant feedback during a lesson. V1 is the video analysis I use to capture the swing and send follow up lessons.  We all are visual learners and V1 is a great tool to use.